Basic Bioinformatics With Certificate (A Practical Introduction)

A Practical intro; to genetic analysis of biological data (DNA, RNA and proteins), disease prediction in genes and drug discovery.

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What you will learn?

Lesson 1(Introductory Bioinformatics) Free class!

In this lesson, you shall be introduced into what Bioinformatics is all about. You will also learn basic terminologies in bioinformatics. The essence of this, is to create a sense of familiarity to be aware of the bioinformatics terms and language. 

So, open the class room content below and study carefully. lesson link

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Classroom content
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Lesson 2 (Basic Molecular Biology)

This lesson will enable you to understand the interactions between the various systems of a cell, including the interactions between DNA, RNA and protein biosynthesis as well as learning how these interactions are regulated. 

watch the video clip below very carefully. 

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Introduction to Database

In this lesson I will introduce you to what Database is, the essence and usefulness of database in Bioinformatics. Sit tight as we explore the mystery that surrounds it. 


Open the course content below or click here to watch video and download on youtube.


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Introduction to Internet Tools.

This lesson will provide you basic understanding on what Internet tools is all about, the essence, significant and practical use in Bioinformatics Study. 


Open the classroom content below to explore this lesson or  Click here to watch and download the video content on youtube.

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Practical Applications of Database and Internet Tools.

Below contains the video content with the entire practicals applications of database and internet tools.. 

Open and watch carefully following all the details analysis and practical applications.

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Lecture Notes and Materials

The content below contains lecture notes and materials for  Database, Internet tools and Practical applications...

kindly download them for personal use.

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Understanding DNA Sequencing

This lesson will give you an illustrative view of understanding DNA sequencing on the basic level. 

Open the classroom content and watch/download the video clip.

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Practical Applications of DNA Analysis

This Analysis will expose you to understand genetics analysis on a general note.. You will understand DNA molecule, see into how nucleotide bases are and able to understand translation involving Amino acids coded by codons..


Open the classroom content of this lesson and explore this curriculum..

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Lecture Material (understanding Basic Molecular Biology)

This lesson will provide you a basic understanding to what DNA, RNA and Protein molecules is all about, as such build a foundational Knowledge to explore advance Genetic Courses in the future.

Open and download the classroom content below. 

Carefully read and study the content...

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INTRODUCTION TO GENEIOUS (A Bioinformatics Software)
What is GENEIOUS Software? Free class!

GENEIOUS: is a powerful bioinformatics software solution packed with fundamental molecular biology and sequence analysis tools. Ranging from Acces to Databases, DNA Analysis, Molecular Sequence Alignment, Phylogenetics, Molecular Cloning & Primer Design (i.e perform a wide-range of cloning and primer design operations within one interface), Gene Expression and Anotations...

Hence, we shall be exploring this software tools to run  all genetics analysis involved in all courses, curriculum, lessons, and assignment as you move forward to acquire  more Bioinformatic Skills in this learning platform. 

Please, follow me carefully as i show you how to install GENEIOUS application on your computer system in the next Lesson. 


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How to install GENEIOUS software on your PC

Open, watch  and download the classroom content (VIDEO CLIP) of this lesson and follow the instruction in it, but only after you might have downloaded the GENEIOUS SOFTWARE and ACTIVATION KEY below. 



Classroom content
Getting Familiar with GENEIOUS Software Environment

The Classroom Content Below will Show and get you familiar with GENEIOUS SOFTWARE ENVIRONMENT. You will know how to import file. create folder, edit, understand ares where various analytical tools are alocated for various genetic analysis...

Click the Content below and explore this session. 

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Open the content below to download Geneious manual in PDF format. 

    Follow the instruction gradually as you master the use of geneious software for various genetic research analysis. 

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About the course

  Bioinformatics is the application of computational techniques to analyse the information associated with biomolecules on a large-scale, has now firmly established itself as a discipline in molecular biology, and encompasses a wide range of subject areas from structural biology, genomics to gene expression studies.

 It's an interdisciplinary field mainly involving molecular biology and genetics, computer science, mathematics, and statistics. Also it entails the creation and advancement of databases, algorithms, computational and statistical techniques, and theory to solve formal and practical problems arising from the management and analysis of biological data. The primary goal of bioinformatics is to increase the understanding of biological processes.

Join me as we explore the mystery that surrounds this field of study.

More info

About the teacher

Oluwaseyi Olawale

Bio-seq Analyst and Consultant.

A Microbiology student of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology. An expertise in Bioinformatics and Genomic analysis, A Co founder of SDI and intelligent researcher and trainer in bioinformatics  related courses. 

He has worked alongside university lecturers, Undergraduate and master students on analysis of research projects and trained many students from different regions. 


"Bioinformatics training at SDI is really interesting, an eye opener into the word of computational studies. It has really help to focus on different aspect of medical sciences such as drug discovery, Sequence Analysis, Phytogenic Analysis etc... Thanks MR SEYI, C.E.O of SDI."

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"SDI as a citadel of learning broadens my knowledge about bioinformatics both the theoretical(i.ewhat bioinformatics entails and the terminologies used in bioinformatics) and practical aspect(i.e the tools used in bioinformatics and it's applications).and also how to monetize in bioinformatics.. The citadel is highly recommended..."

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"Effective And Sustainable Practical Learning"

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"While undergoing the training at first it was kind of tedious but as time goes on, it was so so interesting and fun especially the aligment and cloning aspect was the exciting part for me. iI learnt alot, trust me this training is the best and its also a rare opportunity."

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"I'm one of the participants in Bioinformatics workshop organised by SDI, the program is a success and I learnt a lot ranging from; 1. Gene expression trait and characterizing different organism in human microbiome 2. How to work with data despite the ambiguity in solving medical problems 3. How to analyze and manipulate/modify genes and lot more. I can attest to it that Bioinformatics is a career that worth sacrificing all for"

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